The second prototype of Semideus rational number game is out.

Watch the gameplay video below that shows the basic mechanic of the game. Semideus is based on rational number magnitudes and all activities require working with number lines. In the game the main character, Semideus, tries to climb to Mount Olympus and collect stolen gold treasures for his father, Zeus. In order to be able to climb to the next platform of the mountain Semideus has to find winged shoes that are located in the hidden chest with other treasures or order rational number magnitudes shown in stone tablets. The hint that tells the location of the chest is given in mathematical symbols. Note that this is only a prototype and all features are not implemented yet. Semideus development is joint work of TUT Game Lab (Tampere University of Technology) as a part of Games to Schools project funded by Academy of Finland and Flow Factory Ltd..

What are we implementing at the moment

Our playtesting sessions have revealed that more variation in gameplay is needed in order to engage players for longer times and increase replayability. Thus, we are currently working with enemies. It has been a nice challenge to design ways to link enemies to learning objectives of the game. In my mind we managed to design nice new mechanic for the game and we should have a new working prototype with enemies in a month or so. It takes a while to implement the enemies because we have to make changes also on user interface and learning analytics. Additionally, we have started to design the levels of the first release version.

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One comment on “Semideus
  1. Burt Furuta says:

    To increase difficulty at higher levels, use a second number line with a different scale. Use 100 first as a second scale, to link fractions to percents. Then at higher levels use a different second scale to foster proportional thinking.


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