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Evaluating the effectiveness of a game-based rational number training

Study 1: Recently, we published a new open access article in Computers & Education journal in which we studied the effectiveness of the beta version of the Semideus School rational number game. In the study, Ninety-five fourth graders were assigned

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Games to Schools: Project Postmortem

As the year changed to 2018, TUT Game Lab’s Games to Schools -project funded by Academy of Finland was finished. The primary purpose of that project was to study the learning effectiveness of digital math games, identify design principles for

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Assessment and Training with a Game Competition

We conducted a study to evaluate the usefulness of a math game competition for engaging, assessing, and training rational numbers in schools. In particular, we investigated whether playing a digital number line based Semideus game would improve students’ magnitude understanding

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The Semideus School is now available

The Semideus School is now available on the App Store for iPad! We are looking forward to make research collaboration with schools. The Semideus School game is a really fun way to learn fractions, decimals, and percentages. By playing Semideus,

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Embedded embodied cognition in math games

In Games to Schools project we are studying ways to support learning of mathematics with embedded embodied game interactions. Yesterday I had an opportunity to follow first graders’ music lesson in Las Lomitas Elementary School in Atherton, California. It was

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Published book: Finnish Innovations and Technologies in Schools: A Guide towards New Ecosystems of Learning

Our article “Learning by Creating Educational Exergames: Creative Pedagogy: That Gets Students Moving” is included in the Finnish Innovations and Technologies in Schools: A Guide towards New Ecosystems of Learning book. The article proposes a new pedagogical approach, learning by creating

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Rational Number Knowledge: The gatekeeper of higher mathematics

The acquisition of mathematical skills is crucial for today’s society. It has been argued that in individual level, insufficient mathematical competencies may be even more harmful to career prospects than reading or spelling deficiencies. This is to say, that in society

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